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Monday, Feb. 8th (add'l fee $99.00 if you're attending the Expo) No discounts codes honored


Regardless of someone's weight, height, skin color or ethnicity, I create the very "best" version of anyone standing in front of my camera.  Roberto's Picture Perfect Posing System will solve posing problems with anyone once and for all.  This class will teach you how to learn the art of posing in an intuitive way.  A big "bonus" Roberto will discuss, how to naturallyget a great expression from your clients to make your photos come alive and be completely natural looking and expressions can be believable abd beautiful, this takes some serious fine-tuning to master this art.  Come and see for yourself, see the subject of posing is a whole new way!  Dinally, Roberto will end with how to adapt your subject's posing to the light, and how to adapt the light to the pose, whether the light is available or it is created, both will bring out the very best of the pose you created. 

Roberto Valenzuela is and has been an educator since he was 17 years old. His
 teaching methodology is unique in the sense that he opens up your mind so you can
see photographic potential quickly in any situation and gives you the tools to correctly
practice and hone your skills from the comfort of your home. He understands the
difference between simply showing you how “he” does something and actually teaching
you how to do it for yourself. Roberto’s goal at workshops is to transform his students 
into independent problem solvers. Roberto Valenzuela has been regarded worldwide
as one of the best photography educators in the industry. His book Picture Perfect
 Practice is used as the textbook for photography programs and across the country and
it is a top selling photography education book. Investing in one of Roberto’s 1-day
 workshop is an investment that will alleviate the constant struggle with posing, how to
 make the best out of any location, how to speak to clients to get the natural expression
you desire, how to carefully create and combine different emotions to build an album
 that will double your profit margin, how to close a deal during a client meeting, how to
manage large groups or difficult people etc… So practice your creativity, make your 
business profitable, and join us for one of the best educational opportunities you will

Roberto's BIO...

Roberto Valenzuela is a wedding and fine art photographer based in Beverly Hills, CA.  His academic background is in Economics and Marketing. However, it was his 10 years as a concert classical guitarist, which has given him a unique outlook on how to master photography, having used the same practice techniques to master his musical instrument.

Roberto Valenzuela is a 70-time International award winning photographer and three-time International first place winner.  He serves as a photography judge for the 16×20 WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), PPA (Professional Photographers of America), European photography competitions and the WPPI International wedding album competition in Las Vegas, NV.

Roberto’s private photography workshops and speaking engagements are held worldwide. His goal is to encourage and inspire professional photographers to practice their craft when not on the job, as any other artist must do so in order to perform. He is an active teacher and platform speaker at WPPI and has served as the keynote speaker at other International photography conventions.

He is the author of the top-selling photography-training book titled


He was named one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Junebug Weddings (One of the largest wedding resource websites in America).

Roberto will not turn down the opportunity to play a good table tennis match and flies his high performance 3D remote control helicopters every Sunday afternoon. He can also be found at the local bookstores looking for materials on something new that he wants to undertake.