PPE 2016 Print competition sponsored by ACI

This is your chance to win tons of $$$ in awards and prizes!


In addition to the judges' selection of award winning entries, ALL entrants are eligible for  prizes regardless of your print scores just for entering.  Here is how it works!  For each print entered, you will receive one chance to win.  BONUS – Enter 10 prints and receive 20 chances to win the prizes above!

DOWNLOAD Print Competition Rules Right Here

Download RULES & FORMS for LexJet Sunset Print Award RIGHT HERE. See details about award below.



Webcast 2016

Plan to come by the Clubhouse Print Lounge!  This is where the fun begins!  We are setting up a special lounge area where you can follow the print judging "LIVE" and bet on the print scores, enjoy an adult beverage, and have some fun.  This is your opportunity to bet your score against the judges scores, follow the scoring on the top image submissions, and maybe even win a few $$$.

 *Please note:  We will also be broadcasting the Print Competition "LIVE" around the world!  You can REGISTER For the "LIVE" print Competition webcast below:

Session 1: Sign-up RIGHT HERE

Session 2: Sign-up RIGHT HERE


PRINT CompetiTIon General Rules

Image Competition:  It's fun and a great learning experience. There is no better way to improve your photography than involving yourself in the print judging process.  Not only does it raise the bar on what you feel is your best, but it also raises the bar on what you think is best for your clients too, a pretty nice bonus benefit. 

Entries are $15.00 each (up to 10).  All entries  must be submitted online by  the deadline date of MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2016. YOUR SHIPPED PHYSICAL PRINTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 8:00 EST ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1 OR HAND-DELIVERED TO THE MARRIOTT RIVERCENTER BETWEEN 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. EST.  You'll need to do two things to qualify your images for judging.

1. Print competition is open to all current Photo Pro Network members. Please go to photopronetwork.com and confirm that your membership is current. Joining or renewing is easy and quick if needed.

Entries Allowed:

2. Each member may submit a maximum of ten (10) entries. An entry may be either a print or a physical album. Entries should be shipped in fiber or similar type case that can be used for return shipping. Only one person may submit prints in each case. Prints previously entered in the PPN  Annual Expo/Convention Competition scoring 80 or above are not eligible.

3. All prints must be permanently on mount board or foam core. The images may be no less than 80 square inches and a maximum 480 square inches with the longest side not to exceed 24 inches.

Here's another Good Reason to Enter PhotoPro Network Print Competition...

Lexjet 2015 AwardAnd here's another benefit: You have the opportunity to win the LexJet Sunset Award. The  winning print will be selected by  the PhotoPro Expo judges from all prints entered in this year's PhotoPro Network Print Competition and Exhibition 2016, February  3rd & 4th, 2016.  In addition to a Sunset Award trophy, the winner will also receive a Sunset Print Lapel pin, an entry into the year end annual Sunset competition hosted by LexJet, and a $250 gift certificate!   This certificate can be used to purchase any of the exceptional photo papers, including the PPA Hot One award winning metallic photo paper, fine art papers, and canvases included in LexJet's Sunset portfolio of inkjet materials for professional photographic printing and fine-art reproduction.

Download RULES & FORMS for LexJet Sunset Print Award RIGHT HERE.

 Plus enter the KODAK GALLERY COMPETITION AND FUJI MASTERPIECE AWARDS!  Information can be found at:


Entry Deadlines:

All Registrations Must Be Completed at printcompetition.com (select PPN)
Before Shipping or Hand-Delivering!
Shipped cases to Print Competition Co-Chair, JENNIFER PALUMBO (see rules for address) by 8:00 p.m. MONDAY, FEB. 1, 2016 
Download rules - from link above - for shipping address information and for the online website to register your images

Why should I enter print competition?

Print competition teaches you about composition, impact, print quality, lighting and small things you may not see in your work that can be made better. It is a great way to stretch yourself as a photographer to become better in your daily work. Also, it is an essential part of earning photographic degrees on both the state and national level.

Our 2016 Jury Panel : Michael Mowbray, Mary Mannix, Andrew Jenkins, Amy Feick

(Chair) - PPA Affiliate Jury Chair, Jim Churchill

JUDGES: (A) PPA Affiliate Judges

JUDGING will begin @ 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, Feb 3rd and continue on Thursday, Feb 4th.



Judges have a set of rules and guidelines set by the Professional Photographers of America to follow when judging. 

The Twelve Elements of a Merit Image

There are trends and themes that rise and fall in popularity so attending and entering competition will help you learn the latest of these trends.

David Ziser's DigitalProTalk Blog featured PhotoPro Network's recent Hot Shots Image Competition and Review right here.  It a great post which will give you a lot of insight in this wonderfully challenging and educational process. Want to know how to get even HIGHER print scores?  Check out this link at DigitalProTalk post "Doing Image Competition Right!" right here.  The post points up tips from master images makers on how to score BIG in print competition - GREAT INFO RIGHT HERE!

And from the Professional Photographers of America more tutorials:

CREATING A KEY STOKE AND PRESENTATION RIGHT HERE - A great article by Michael Timmons, M.Photog.Cr.


From the Print Committee:

"We challenge YOU to enter Print Competition at the 2016 Photo Pro Network Expo!

Ribbons, recognition, prizes, and the chance to further your craft and make your clients WANT TO CHOOSE YOU!"

Rosemary Cundiff-Brown
PPN  Chairman of the Board
PPN Print Committee Co-Chair 

Jennifer McCarty-Palumbo
PPN Print Committee Co-Chair
Former PPN President