Speakers scheduled for PhotoPro Expo 2016



MICHAEL TIMMONS, Michael Mowbray, Dave Cross, Phillips Mitchell,



and  more stars!

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 Lindsay A

Lindsay Pics



Lindsay Adler     sponsored by: 

Creativity In Fashion

Friday, February 23rd  Main platform program
6:30pm - 8:30pm


Lindsay Adler is an American portrait and fashion photographer based out of Manhattan,

New York. Her editorials have appeared in Bullett Magazine, Zink Magazine and Fault.

She regularly contributes to photo publications Professional Photographer, Rangefinder Magazine, 

and Popular Photography.

In May 2010 Adler published her first book, A Linked Photographers' Guide to Online Marketing

and Social Media. Her second book, Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography,

was named one of Amazon.com's Top Ten Books of 2011.

Adler also speaks and teaches within the photographic community. She is a contributor on

CreativeLIVE and Kelby Training. She is also the co-host of The Framed Network's series

"The Concept" (a series of shows on YouTube) with fine art photographer Brooke Shaden.

Program Description:

Dream Shooting: How I Make A Photograph 



Robertos Pics

Roberto Valenzuela          sponsored by:  PhotoPro Expo

Picture Perfect Practice

Saturday, January 24th

9:30am - 12:00pm

Roberto Valenzuela is a wedding and fine art photographer based in Beverly Hills, CA.  His

academic background is in Economics and Marketing. However, it is his 10 years as a concert

classical guitarist, which has given him a unique outlook on how to master photography, having

used the same practice techniques to master his musical instrument.

Roberto Valenzuela is a 70-time International award winning photographer and three-time

International first place winner.  He serves as a photography judge for the 16×20 WPPI

(Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), PPA (Professional Photographers of America),

European photography competitions, and the WPPI International wedding album competition in Las Vegas, NV.

Roberto’s private photography workshops and speaking engagements are held worldwide.

His goal is to encourage and inspire professional photographers to practice their craft when not

on the job, as any other artist must do so in order to perform. He is an active teacher and

platform speaker at WPPI and has served as the keynote speaker at other International photography conventions.

He is the author of the top-selling photography-training book titled PICTURE PERFECT PRACTICE.

He was named one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Junebug Weddings

(One of the largest wedding resource websites in America).

Roberto will not turn down the opportunity to play a good table tennis match and flies his high

performance 3D remote control helicopters every Sunday afternoon. He can also be found at the

local bookstores looking for materials on something new that he wants to undertake.







Hurley Pics


Peter Hurley      

Upping Your Headshot Game

 Friday, January 23rd

 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Peter Hurley stumbled into a photography career while training for the Olympic games.

As a member of the US Sailing Team he jumped in front of the camera modeling for the likes

of Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch. It was during this time that, friend and mentor

Bruce Weber encouraged him to pick up a camera. Little did Peter know at that time that heeding

Bruce’s advice would turn into his life’s passion.

His fascination with the human face concentrated his efforts on portraiture and his quest to

discover why we behave as we do in front of the camera has led him into speaking and teaching

on the subject. While working for Microsoft he met psychologist, Anna Rowley, and joined

forces with her to start a new venture in the realm of meshing psychology with photography

calling it: Psyphotology. They recently spoke on the subject revealing their idea in a TEDx

Cambridge talk at MIT.

Peter’s ideas for making people look more photogenic have been published in the New York Times.

His videos have amassed millions of views on Youtube and were featured on Good Morning America.

To help bring these concepts to a worldwide audience he created PH2PRO.com, a growing

headshot photography platform, which has currently assembled the largest group of headshot

photographers in the world.

Peter continues to work with his clientele out of his studio in New York and where he lives with

his wife and twin daughters.

Matthew JS Pic

Matthew Jordan Smith      sponsored by:  SONY & MAC Group

The Inspirational Road To Success 
Sunday, January 25th

10:00am - 12:00pm

Matthew Jordan Smith is an American photographer based in Los Angeles. He has photographed

some of the most famous people in the world – including the President of Iceland, Oprah Winfrey,

and the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim. He is best known for his portraits of celebrities, actors,

and models. His clients include Olay, Pantene, Revlon and Sony Entertainment. His celebrity

clients include Tyra Banks, Queen Latifah, and Aretha Franklin. The Sony Corporation selected

him as one of their Artisans of Imaging and he is honored to be part of this elite group.

Matthew launched his career as a photographer in New York City, shooting for major magazines

and advertising agencies, and in his spare time he focuses on personal projects. In the fall of 2014

Oro Editions/ Goff Press will publish Matthew’s third book, Future American President; 50 States,

100 Families, Infinite Dreams. Future American President, features portraits of children from 100

families and from every state in America and focuses on inspiring children to dream big.

Matthew has received numerous awards and honors throughout his photographic career. In March

of 2014 he received the Vision Award for his upcoming book, Future American President. In April

of 2014, he received the Power of Image award in Beijing China and his work is currently on tour

throughout Asia. In July of 2014 he completed shooting a series of images around the North Pole

and is planning an exhibit of this work. Matthew has taught at the prestigious School of Visual Arts

and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in New Mexico. He is officially sponsored by Sony

and available for speaking engagements through them. A native of New York City, Matthew resides

in Los Angeles

Program Description:

Celebrity portrait photographer Matthew Jordan Smith shares the lessons he’s learned over the past

30 years capturing the faces of the famous and infamous as a top magazine portrait photographer.

Brian will discuss his approach to editorial and commercial assignments from concept to final images,

and detailing his approach to lighting and problem solving on productions both small and large. Smith

will also share secrets about how to quickly capture the personality of the people you photograph and

he will also discuss how personal projects can be used to generate editorial and commercial assignments,

and allow your personal style to evolve and grow while generating assignments you love to shoot. Smith

will share celebrity portraits and show ways that you can make everyone you photograph look and feel like a star.

Tamara Pic

Tamara Pics

Tamara Lackey       sponsored by: Nikon & PhotoPro Expo

Lifestyle Portraits:  Lighting, Posing and Authentic Expression

Sunday, January 25th

7:30am - 9:30 am

Tamara Lackey is a renowned professional photographer,  speaker, author and program host. Her

authentic lifestyle photography, from children’s portraits to celebrity portraits, is praised within her

industry and published internationally. Tamara’s work has been featured in a myriad of media outlets,

including  O – The Oprah Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Town & Country, Vogue, Food & Wine,

Men’s Journal, Nikon World, Professional Photographer Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine,

Photoshop User Magazine, NBC’s The Martha Stewart Show, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,

PBS’ Need to Know and NBC’s The Today Show.

One of  only twenty selected, Tamara is a Nikon USA Ambassador, speaking on behalf of Nikon

at conventions and programs, and she was most recently the subject of a five-part web series

they produced about photographing portraits, entitled Nikon Behind The Scenes.

The recipient of the 2014 WPPI Adorama Inspire Award, awarded to artists who inspire not just

through their creative work but their life, Tamara speaks at quite a range of workshops, seminars

and conventions, from delivering presentations on the Google stage to delivering private workshops

around the globe.  She speaks primarily about photography, business, mindset, and the convergence

of work, life and balance.

Her first instructional book for professionals, The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography, went on

to be re-published and translated into seven languages.  She quickly followed that with her

critically-acclaimed professional portrait video Inside Contemporary Children’s Photography 

and then the Tamara Lackey Style Book. Translating her professional acumen and intuitive

teaching skills to an enthusiast photographer audience, Tamara released a unique “edutainment” book,

video and iphone app set, Tamara Lackey’s Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography™, which

won the Booklist Editors’ Choice Award in Media.

Tamara’s latest books are Envisioning Family: A Photographer’s Guide To Making Meaningful

Portraits of The Modern Family, released to top reviews in January of 2012 

(Pearson: New Riders Press:  Voices That Matter) and The Posing Playbook .. for Kids Who Don’t DO Posing,

a highly-popular, on-the-go children posing guide, created for the page and mobile devices.

Michael G Pic

Michael G Pics

Michael Grecco     sponsored by:  Panasonic/LUMIX

Shooting The High Profile Client

Saturday, January 24th

4:30pm - 6:30pm

Grecco grew up near New York City and received his first camera (a Mamiya/Sekor 35mm single-lens reflex)

when he was 12. He went on to study film making and photography as an undergraduate at Boston University's

School of Communications. While still at university he began working freelance for the Associated Press

as a photojournalist. During that time, he also began his career as a magazine photographer. This included

an extensive body of work for various national magazines, including Time, Newsweek, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Forbes,

and Rolling Stone. As a staff photographer for the Boston Herald, he won several Boston Press Photographers awards.

As a regular contributor to People, Grecco made his transition from hard-news photojournalism to

photographic coverage of celebrity-driven events, including theGolden Globes, the Emmy Awards

and the Academy Awards. He used this experience to launch his current career as a celebrity portrait

photographer. Since 1992, Grecco has been regularly shooting magazine covers for Time, Wired,

Entertainment Weekly, ESPN, People and others.  His celebrity portrait subjects have included

Martin Scorsese Hugh Hefner, Robert Duvall, Lucy Liu, Will FerrellMel Brooks, Christina Applegate,

Ben Stiller,  Owen Wilson,  Penélope Cruz, Jet Li, Bill Murray, Joaquin Phoenix and Rene Russo.

In 2007, Grecco published his book Naked Ambition: An R Rated Look at an X Rated Industry,

a collection of photographs on the American porn industry and its stars taken at the AVN Awards and

Convention in Las Vegas.  A documentary film, directed by Grecco and with the same title,

premiered in April 2009. His two previous books were on lighting techniques in photographic portraiture.

Grecco is based in Los Angeles, and has three children.

RC Pic2

RC Pics

RC Concepcion     sponsored by:  KelbyOne

Fantastic HDR & Lightroom Tips and Tricks

Friday, January 23rd 

3:45pm - 5:45 pm and also in Expo Theater

Rafael Concepcion (RC) is the author of the bestselling book “Get Your Photography on the Web”

a step by step book for photographers looking to develop their own websites without code, and

“The HDR Book – Unlocking the Pro’s Hottest Post-Processing Techniques” by Peachpit Press.

As as Education & Curriculum developer for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals

and an Instructor for Kelby Training, RC spends his day working on Photography, Photoshop, and

how to get users onto the web. RC is also one of The Photoshop Guys. and the host of DTownTV.

An Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom, RC has over 10 years in the I.T.

and ecommerce industries and spends his days developing content for all applications in the

Adobe Creative Suite. RC has held training seminars in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America,

and recently combined his photographic and web experience to teach with famed wildlife

photographer Moose Peterson at the “You Can Do It Too” workshops in Mammoth, CA,

The Digital Landscape Workshop Series, and at the Voices That Matter Web Conference in San Francisco,

CA. RC is also a columnist for Photoshop User Magazine and Light It magazine.

Jessica V

Jessica Pics

Jessica Vogel        sponsored by:  ACI Lab

Babylicious Baby Portraits 

Saturday, January 24th
7:30am - 9:00am

Jessica Vogel started her photography studio in 1993, and since then has earned her reputation

as one of Kentucky's premiere children, senior and family photographers. Her work has achieved

both local and national recognition, including the Kodak Gallery award, the Fuji Masterpiece,

Kentucky Top Five, Best Portrait and images selected for the Professional Photographers of

America's Loan Collections.

Jessica is a member and the former President of the Kentucky Professional Photographer Association.

She is also a member of the Professional Photographers of America, where she holds her certification

and the prestigious Craftsman's and Master of Photography degrees. Jessica is one of PPA's approved

judges and will be judging and speaking this year in Korea. She is a graduate of Western Kentucky University

with a degree in business and sixteen years of management prior to her photography career.

"Creating Art with Life" is her ambition with every portrait. Jessica knows the importance of capturing the

essence of your child. She, is a mother of two. Her style of photography is based on the love and emotion

each parent has for their child.

"My goal is to give you a portrait that is not just a picture, but a work of art that tells us who your child or

family are in this stage of their life."

Jim D Pic

Jim D's Pics

Jim Divitale        sponsored by:  Canon USA & Adobe

Imaging Essentials Seminar  Full-day WORKSHOP

Thursday January 22nd 10:00am - 5:00pm

Photo Composites: Turning The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

Friday, January 23rd 8:45am - 10:15am  

Jim DiVitale has been an Atlanta commercial advertising photographer and instructor for over 3 decades.

As a member of Professional Photographers of America for more than 25 years, Jim has earned the

Master of Photography, Master of Electronic Imaging, and Photographic Craftsman degrees,

the PPA National Award, and he's a PPA-Approved Photography Instructor. He is a Fellow of the

American Society of Photographers, a member of Cameracraftsmen of America, and a sponsored

digital imaging instructor for Canon, Adobe and X-Rite. As an instructor with the

National Association of Photoshop Professionals, Jim has presented at every Photoshop World

since 1999, and currently has several digital imaging tutorials with Kelby Training On-Line.

Jim serves as Director of Education for the Digital Imaging Institute for Science and Medicine,

working to create Adobe Photoshop training for these areas of digital imaging. He's lectured at

Photo Plus Expo, Imaging USA, WPPI, Seybold, MAC Design, HOW Design, APA, ASMP,

NECCC, Orvieto Fotographia, Photo Fusion, and the World Council of Professional Photographers.

He's made presentations to students and faculty at art schools nationwide, including Brooks Institute,

San Francisco's Academy of Art, and Ringling College of Art and Design. Jim’s “Digital Imaging Tune Up Clinic

Blog on the Facebook Blog Network features tutorials on Photoshop and digital photography workflow.

Jim’s award winning digital photography has been featured in many publications including Photoshop User,

 Professional Photographer, Photo District News, Digital Imaging, After Capture Magazine. Graphis Photo,

Print, Archive Magazine, Create Magazine, Creativity, and Rangefinder. His advertising photography

clients have included Cisco, Mizuno USA, Mighty Auto Parts, Rubbermaid, William Carter Co, Toshiba,

TEC America, Kenneth Cole, Bellsouth, Solvay Advanced Polymers, Dana Augustine Inc, BP Amoco,

COX Media, Genuine Parts Company, JP Morgan Financial, Coca-Cola USA, and Scientific Atlanta. 

Jack R Pic

Jack R's pics

Jack Reznicki        sponsored by:  Canon USA

Imaging Essentials Seminar  Full-day WORKSHOP
Thursday, January 22nd  

10:00am - 5:00pm

Born in Israel, the son of concentration camp survivors, Jack moved to the US when he was

four years old and grew up in Rochester, NY. With a newly minted BFA cum laude degree in

photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and after assisting some of the top

photographers in New York, Jack opened his studio in 1980 and has become a well-know and

respected commercial photographer.

Based in New York City, his creative problem solving has helped promote products and services

for many companies such as Toys “R” Us, Tylenol, AstraZeneca, The Wall Street Journal, Hyatt,

Kodak, Reader’s Digest, Crest, AT&T, Playtex, and several Time Magazine covers.

Jack is the author of several books on commercial photography including “Photographer’s Survival Guide”,

which deals with copyright and legal issues for photographers. “Studio and Commercial Photography-

A Kodak Pro Workshop” book and other books.

He currently writes a column in Photoshop User Magazine called “The Copyright Zone” with lawyer

Ed Greenberg. Along with lecturing and teaching many business and legal aspects of photography,

Jack has also served as an expert witness in Federal Court. For many years, Jack’s insights to

professional photography could be found in Petersen’s Photographic magazine with his popular

“Pro Vision” column. His writings have also appeared in many other photography magazines.

Along with many other awards, Jack was very proud to twice receive the IPC

(International Photographic Council) Leadership medal for “Excellence in Studio Photography”

at the United Nations. Jack was appointed a guest professor at Shandong University of Art and

Design in Jinan, China and named a Mo-Tse Grand Master Photographer in China. He is also

honored to be named an Honorary Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography.

Jack is an Adjunct Professor and teaches a graduate level course at the School of Visual Arts in

New York City on the business of photography.

He is the only photographer who has had leadership roles in three major photographer’s trade

associations. He served as the President of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and

named an Honorary Master Photographer. Jack was President of NY chapter of Advertising

Photographers of America (APA) during it’s founding years, and sat on the NY board of American

Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). His leadership skills have been lauded and awarded

both here in the US and abroad. Jack is one of the original  “Canon Explorers of Light”,

an “Epson Stylus Pro”, host of the Epson  Print Academy, a Photoshop “Dream Team” instructor,

an X-Rite Coloratti, and a Sandisk “Photo Master”. Jack also does Beta testing and consulting

with Canon, Epson, Mamiya, Microsoft, X-Rite, Leaf digital backs, onOne Software, and Adobe.

Tyler Pic

 Tyler Pics

Tyler Stableford       sponsored by:  Canon USA

Action Photography At It's Most Exciting!

Friday, January 23
10:30am - 12:30pm 

Aspen photographer Tyler Stableford has earned a worldwide clientele for his commercial and

editorial photography.  In 2005, Men's Journal named him one of the "World's Greatest Adventure Photographers"

for his work exploring Iceland's glacier caves.  He has won seven "Pictures of the Year" awards

from Communication Arts, PDN, Applied Arts, and Black & White magazines.  His stock imagery

is represented by Getty Images. Tyler's passion for photography extends far beyond commercial work.

 He volunteers to shoot at least one week per year for nonprofits, and is a member of the environmental-business organization "1% For The Plant".

Tyler is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the former editor of Rock & Ice magazine.  

He lives in the Rocky Mountains of western Colorado, with his wife Megan, and daughter, Annabelle.

Dave Cross Pic

Dave C Pics

Dave Cross      sponsored by:  Adobe

What's New In Adobe Creative Cloud - Two Programs

January 24 & 25th
Saturday 2:30 - 3:30 pm  Expo Theater

Sunday 12:30 - 1:00 pm  Expo Theater

For 25 years, Dave Cross has been helping photographers and creative professionals get the

most out of their software. Starting with Adobe Illustrator classes in 1987, Dave has taught Photoshop,

Illustrator and InDesign to thousands of users around the world. He has a Bachelor of Education,

is an Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop CS6 and is a Certified Technical Trainer. Dave has taught

at Photoshop World (23 times), spoken at many photography events, written numerous articles and several books,

co-hosted Photoshop User TV and has appeared in many DVDs and online courses for Kelby Training. Dave

is a regular instructor for CreativeLIVE, and runs his own studio/workshop space in Tampa, FL.

Over the last 12 years, Dave has taught Photoshop in every state in the United States, throughout

Canada and in Europe, consistently earning rave reviews. Dave is well-known for his engaging style,

his humor and his ability to make complex topics easy to understand. In 2009 Dave was inducted into the

Photoshop Hall of Fame.

Robert OT Pic

Robert OT Pics

Robert O'Toole     sponsored by:  Sigma Lenses

Nature and Wildlife Adventures - How To Get The Best Shot

Sunday, January 25th
7:30am - 9:30am

“Not one day goes by when I don’t truly appreciate how lucky I am. I travel the world and make a

living doing what I love,” Robert says. "My photography is everything to me; it’s not just a hobby, i

t is my life. My photography brings me so much I really enjoy sharing my images and knowledge with others.

” For more information about Robert and to see more of his work, visit his website at www.robertotoolephotography.com.

Robert O’Toole is an award winning professional photographer, as a BBC / Shell Wildlife “Photographer of the Year”

competition award winner and the American Bald Eagle Foundation “Photographer of the Year “ for 2008.

A full time professional photographer specializing in wildlife and nature, Robert has been a professional

photographer for more than 20 years. As an accomplished instructor, Robert leads photography

workshop tours across the US and internationally. He also hosts post-production image optimization workshops

and has written tutorial CDs featuring new image enhancement techniques.

Currently he is based in Florida and California and uses a variety of top professional cameras and Sigma lenses.

Robert has also worked in commercial photography all around the globe, with clients including Quiksilver Inc,

Billabong International, Liquid Energy Ltd, Action Sports Group, and Atoll Media Ltd.

Jeff Gump Pic

Jeff Gump pics

Jeff Gump      sponsored by:   H&H Color Lab

Shooting Team Sports & Events For BIG Profits 
 Thursday, January 22nd
 6:45pm - 9:45 pm

For over 25 years, Jeff has been sharing his experiences and educating fellow photographers

throughout the country. As one of the leading sport and event photographers around, Jeff’s had

the opportunity to shoot for the NFL, PGA Tour as well as many other pro sports. However, even

with all his famous clients, Jeff’s passion has always been for the high school and youth sports,

as well as corporate and social events. 

Jeff has a gift for marketing, and never misses an opportunity to tout the importance of this business skill 

for without marketing strategies and plans, life as a photographer would be bleak. Jeff loves to share his

experience and expertise, both in photography and business; it’s no wonder groups like PPA, SPAA, PMA

as well as state and regional associations call on Jeff to share his marketing magic throughout the industry.

Bobby C Pic

Bobby C pics

Bobby Carlsen    (ph.D., Cr. Photographer., CPP) sponsored by h & h color lab

Make Your Success Exciting!

Friday, January 23rd

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Join Bobby for this program that's all about the psychology of the sale...how to overcome client

objections, read body language and what  YOU can do too be in control of the sales session. 

Drawing upon his Ph.D in psychology, Bobby will teach you how to strategically and proactively

maximize the dollar amount of each portrait sale, by outlining some key psychological concepts

to use with your clients.  With practical examples in a HIGH ENERGY presentation, he will  excite

you about the art of selling.  If you want toearn more money from each session you

photograph, then you definitely don't want to miss this!


Bobby is an international award-winning photographic artist who specializes in designing original works

of art that represents his clients with emotion and honesty.

He opened his studio in Danville, VA in 2005 and it has quickly become the area's premier photography studio. 

The Bobby Carlsen Photography Studio is widely

known, not only for its excellent customer service, but also for Bobby's cutting edge imagery that captures

the essence of his subjects.  His studio fosters an environment where

 his clients become friends; this connection he makes with his subjects is evident throughout his work and

has become a large part of his signature style.

In addition to running a successful full-time studio, he is an educator and popular Speaker that travels

to speak to other professional photographers around the nation.

He is actively involved in several professional organizations, including the Virginai Professional Photographers' Association,

the Professional Photographers of North Carolina,

the Professional Photographers of America, and is an area coordinator for the non-profit organization

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

A winner of honors and awards at professional photographers competitions, Bobby has earned the distinction

of Certified Professional Photographer and holds

the Photographic Craftsman degree from the Professional Photographers of America.  He also holds a M.A.

in Experimental Psychology from East Carolina University, and a Ph.D. in

Psychological Science from Virginia Tech.


Michael M Pic
 Michael M Pics

Michael Mowbray     sponsored by:  ACI

Fine Tuning Your Off Camera Flash

Saturday, January 24th

7:30am - 9:00 am


Since launching Beautiful Portraits by Michael in 2001, Michael Mowbray, M. Photog, has three times

been named a medalist in the International PPA Photographer of the Year competition, and has garnered

multiple “Best of Show”, Judge’s Choice, Elite Collection, Kodak Gallery, and Fuji Masterpiece awards

for his wedding and portrait photography. You can see more of his photography at www.beautifulportraits.com.

Michael is very involved in photography education. He teaches portrait photography at Madison College,

and his new book Shoot to Thrill is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

Mia M Pic

Mia M Pics

Mia McCormack       sponsored by:    KelbyOne

GO-PRO Video: Everything You Need To Know To Get Your Best
Sunday, January 25th
4:00 - 6:00 pm

Mia McCormick works as a resident technology expert for Kelby Training and B&H Photo - one of the largest

electronic retailers in the world. She also conducts a series of business and inspirational interviews for KelbyOne -

providing insights from some of the world's leading photographers. Her experience in news-gathering brings viewers

closer to the professionals behind the camera, revealing what inspires and drives the worlds most creative

individuals to be successful at their craft.

With over ten years of experience in television news, Mia worked as a news reporter and news desk anchor -

interviewing high profile politicians, celebrities and athletes. Her curiosity and passion to share stories allowed

her to travel all over the world, covering everything from natural disasters to human sex trafficking.

Working in these environments, Mia relied on her technology experience to produce field reports in remote

locations such as Haiti and Thailand. This combination of storytelling experience and technical know-how

help Mia conduct compelling interviews with the world's top creatives and break down complicated elements

of technology, so everyone can understand it. In addition to her work at Kelby Media Group and B&H,

Mia is a broadcast journalism professor in Tampa, Florida.

Program: GO-PRO Video: Everything You Need To Know To Get Your Best

Join Mia McCormick on the beach, in the water, on the track, and every place

in between as she shares her favorite tips, techniques, accessories, and

settings to help you get the most out of your action camera.

We’re all looking for ways to capture life’s interesting moments, and if what you are doing has action

involved, then a great way to document it is with an action camera. Join Mia McCormick on the beach,

in the water, on the track, and every place in between as she shares her favorite tips, techniques, accessories,

and settings to help you get the most out of your action camera.

Jim S Pic

Jim S Pics

Jim Schmelzer      Sponsored by:   F.J. Westcott

Portrait Lighting Made Easy
Saturday, January 24th
7:30am - 9:00 am


Known for his consistently outstanding style of portrait and wedding photography, James Schmelzer is an

internationally known Master Craftsmen Photographer, lecturer and owner of Elite Photographic Studio located

in Shelby Twp., Michigan. As a professional photographer for over 25 years, James has been awarded the

Photographic Craftsman & Master of Photography from PPA, Accolade of Photographic Mastery from WPPI,

among many others.

Besides owning and running his own studio, James conducts workshops, speaks at seminars & demonstrates

lighting techniques at tradeshows all around the world. Recently Kelby Media Group has commissioned James

to be their official senior portrait instructor for their online education site Kelby Training. James is also the author

of quarterly portrait articles in Kelby Training’s online magazine Light It and one of the Dream Team instuctors for

Photoshop World Conference & Expo.

On top of  that, for over 25 years James has been the lighting representative for F.J. Westcott and has

been actively involved in designing
new light modifier products as well as creating instructional videos
demonstrating the control of light.


Program Description: 

Join Master Craftsmen Photographer James Schmelzer as he guides you through the

transition from strobes to using constant lighting sources. We no longer need to use

strobes all of the time, and constant lighting gives us the ability to better read the lighting on the face.

Are you ready to take your lighting skills to the next level? Join Master Craftsmen Photographer

James Schmelzer as he guides you through the transition from strobes to using constant lighting sources.

We no longer need to use strobes all of the time, and constant lighting gives us the ability to better read the

lighting on the face. James starts off with an introduction into lighting theory, then takes you through

the step-by-step process of setting up various types of constant lighting sources, and ways to create

different effects with some of the lights that are available today. Constant lighting sources make it fun

and easy to experiment, and you’ll leave the class feeling inspired to try some of the techniques in your own photography!


Jim C Pics

Jim Cunningham    Sponsored by:   Miller's Professional Imaging

Sizzling Your Images With Background Magic

Saturday, January 24th

12:30 - 1:00 Expo Theater

With a degree in Marketing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Jim has been a

photographer in Little Rock since 1976, and has owned his own studio since 1983. Recipient

of 9 Kodak Gallery Awards and 4 Fuji Masterpiece Awards, Jim has spoken at state and regional c

onventions and has presented workshops at Imaging USA twice. In 2010 Jim had the honor of

teaching Corel Painter at Canada’s National Convention. Since 2001, Jim has enjoyed teaching

Photoshop and Painter workshops, and feels that digital imaging gives the photographer the ability

to create what we see in our mind’s eye.

 Greg W Pic

Greg W Pics

Gregg Wurtzler     Sponsored by:   GW Moulding

Winning BIG In Image Competition

Thursday, January 22nd
10:00pm -11:00 pm



Ty Fisher2Ty Fisher Pics


Ty Fisher        Sponsored by:   H&H Color Lab

Expo Theater

Saturday, January 24th 
3:30 - 4:00pm
Business Success With Workflow Tweaks
Sunday, January 25 th
1:30 - 2:00pm
Sports Photography 101: More Tricks of the Trade

11:00pm - 1:00am Midnight At The Oasis Lighting Clinic - Mentor



Phillips M Pic


Phillips M Pics



Phillips Mitchell     Sponsored by:    Miller's Professional Imaging

Friday January 23rd
7:00 - 8:30 a.m.
Making Your Lighting Exciting
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11:00pm - 1:00am
Midnight At The Oasis Lighting Clinic - Mentor

Phillips launched his career as a wedding photographer. He shared a consultation room
in his parent’s floral business, Carol-Lynn Originals.  Here, Phillips’s work adorned; the walls
and with the steady traffic of weddings, his business continued to thrive over the years. 
Once he and his wife began raising their family, Phillips decided to pursue fewer weddings
and more portraits so that he could use his time on weekends to be dad to his two sons.

Phillips is driven by his steadfast faith, and he gives back to the community by utilizing his unique talents in a variety of ways.  For the past four years, Phillips has headed up a team of 30 plus volunteers to photograph close to a thousand people in three hours. Participants receive their portrait back before leaving that evening. The event is called Jesus Prom, and is a prom hosted for mentally and physically challenged adults.

He was also involved with The Help Portrait Project, which takes place in December at locations all around the world. At this event, people who are not able to afford to have their portraits taken can do so for free.  Here again, a large group of people from hairdressers, makeup artists, photographers and many more give of their time and talents to give to people in their community. “There is so much dignity involved in having a portrait, where people say, I’m of value.  They can take that portrait and pass it down to the next generation of their family just as any other family who has their portrait taken.  Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of something like that?”

Nicholas Viltrakis

 NV Collage

Nicholas Viltrakis      SPONSORED BY: PHOTOPRO EXPO

Red Carpet Showdown

Westcott Hollywood Model Shootout
Sunday: 2:00 - 2:30

Nicholas Viltrakis is a zany internationally published photographer and instructor who has held entertaining and inspiring seminars and classes on everything from speed lighting to Explosive Wedding Growth in the new economy. His work has been published by Rangefinder magazine, Cincinnati Wedding Magazine, HM Magazine, the Cincinnati Enquirer, Animoto, Johnson and Johnson's Grant Program, and many others. In addition Nicholas has presented at PhotoPro Network's acclaimed Summer School, been an instructor for David Ziser's Master's Class many times, and recently completed an unparalleled 3 day long seminar in Florida for Harmon School of Photography. Come join me at the Westcott Booth! www.viltrakis.com